The difference between children and adults are very easy to tell from their physical outlooks: children and small, weak, have a poor judgment, and have to depend on adults. On the contrary, adults are big, strong, and more independent. Every child will grow up to become an adult. What events make a person an adult? In my personal opinion, there are a lot of events that mark the turning point for a person to become adult.

In many countries, when a child becomes eighteen years old, he or she legally becomes an adult. There will be a big celebration and many best wishes from relatives and friends; the young person may also have a great longing for a bright future in his adult life. He may move out from his parents» house and live alone; he may start dating and doing activities which only adults can do, such as going to a pub.

Graduation from college is another big turning point for a person to become adult. In college the young person may reply fully or partially on his parents for financial support, but after he graduates, he must find a job for himself, and live on his own. Graduating from college and joining the work force can also make a person an adult.

Marriage is also a big event to a person. Once become husband or wife, the young person starts to take care of others, and take responsibility for the family. Once the young person becomes a parent, he or she should also take care of the baby.

I believe that getting married and have children is the most important event that turns a person into an adult. Only after one gets married, does he or she take on the responsibility to the family and the society.