New Headway - Elementary. 4-th Edition. Liz Soars and John Soars

New Headway — Elementary. 4-th Edition. Liz Soars and John Soars

New Headway — Elementary. 4-th Edition. Liz Soars and John Soars

New Headway — Elementary. 4-th Edition. Liz Soars and John Soars — самый популярный курс для взрослых среди всех изданных за последние 20 лет. Headway — это комплекс обучающих пособий от Beginner до Advanced уровней. Сегодня Headway стал синонимом комплексного подхода к изучению английского, который обеспечивает грамотное и свободное владение языком.

Год: 2011
Издание: Oxford University press
Автор: Liz Soars and John Soars
Формат: PDF, MP3, CD-EXE (ISO), DVD (iso)

New Headway Elementary Student’s Book PDF
New Headway Elementary Student’s Book iTutor DVD-ROM
New Headway Elementary Workbook with Keys PDF
New Headway Elementary Workbook Audio CD
New Headway Elementary Teacher’s Book PDF
New Headway Elementary Culture PDF
New Headway Elementary Teacher’s Resource Disc
New Headway Elementary Class CDs
Размер: 1.82 Гб.

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Синонимом комплексного подхода к изучению английского языка

Большое внимание дано развитию разговорной речи как отдельно, так и в комплексе. А вступительный учебник New Headway English Course Beginner (100 часов) рассчитан на учеников, не знакомых с латинским алфавитом, которые начинают изучение английского языка с нуля.

New Headway Intermediate — This new intermediate course provides approximately 120 hours of language learning. It fits neatly between Headway Pre-Intermediate, and Headway Upper-Intermediate, and together with Headway Elementary and Headway Advanced provides a comprehensive language teaching series for today’s classrooms. 

New Headway Upper-Intermediate recognizes that learners at this level require a different approach to language learning. It moves away from examining language items in isolation, exploring grammatical areas in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language.

Headway — комплекс обучающих пособий от Beginner до Advanced уровней

New Headway Advanced is The long-awaited, totally new edition of the Advanced level, providing a real challenge and stimulus for Advanced learners. — Building on the original Headway Advanced grammar syllabus, challenging language work really stretches advanced learners. 

Making Headway is a supplementary series for teachers and students of English. It is designed to complement the Headway coursebook, but can also be used with other main coursebooks. 

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms is for adult upper-intermediate learners who want to study and learn to use English multi-word verbs, prepositions and idiomatic expressions. 

New Headway Talking Points is a great book for the Mature Exams but also can be used for any intermediate level. (FCE, for example).

Headway Academic Skills — A four-level, paired skills course that teaches students in higher education the essential skills for academic success.