For learning a foreign language is not only a child may need a tutor, but any adult can ask for the help of these wizards. They are easy, fast and simple help in learning any language you need. But for best results we suggest to use services of our firm, we work on the result and guarantee you that you will notice it. A big plus is that our Tutors have the following qualities: Responsibility. This trait is responsible for the competent approach to work, ensures the preparation of the tutor for the lessons and making his plans. So you won’t encounter situations when you came, want to do, and my tutor thinks the lesson plan or checks you made in the previous lesson, and you are wasting your precious time.
Know how to explain the material under study the maximum available. This contributes to excellent knowledge of languages, that is, for every your question, our tutor is available and responds quickly, not looking for answers in textbooks. Plus, the tutors convey material in simple language that everyone would understand was available. And even if you use some intricate terms, immediately upon your request followed by an immediate explanation for your understanding.
Punctuality. As payment is hourly tutoring (per lesson), not pleasant would delay your tutor, especially if your a tight schedule. Therefore, our Tutors try to adhere to a prearranged schedule, and any unpredictable circumstances (which entail delays) to report immediately.
One of the main qualities – can find a common language with their students. This is very important because people are all different and it is difficult to find an approach to each, and this class is very important. But for our Tutors is not a problem, they can easily find the approach to everyone, and from the lessons you will receive only pleasure.
After reviewing the qualities of character of our staff, we can conclude that they love their job and are trying to convey and reveal the knowledge of foreign languages that everyone wants. And do it with pleasure, which can not but rejoice, because when seen by his teacher that he likes what he does and every class to pass quickly and interestingly, and the student wants to learn the language and try to show their positive results.

Our Tutors will help you to learn the following languages:

English course in Voronezh, the tutor of the English language in Voronezh, English on Skype.
Preparation for the toefl Voronezh;
Tutor of Arabic language in Voronezh, Arab Skype, Arab courses in Voronezh;
Persian for beginners, the study of Persian verbs, Persian via Skype. Tutor Persian in Voronezh;
Beginner Tajik, learning Tajik verbs, Tajik on Skype.
Tajik tutor in Voronezh.
So if you want to learn Tajik, Persian, Arabic and English in Voronezh, we can help you with this. We will provide you the best tutors of the city that will teach you all the basics of a foreign language, its grammar, pronunciation and reading. The main credo of our employees is a passion. That is why every new lesson is a nice, friendly atmosphere and in the same breath. Remember that a good tutor is always in search of optimum methods of learning, never afraid to try something new, willing to change and always strives to increase his knowledge. That is why our firm is the best because our Tutors possess all the necessary qualities, knowledge and desire.