Technical translation is a long and laborious work which requires certain knowledge in the subject of translation. And if you suddenly need to transfer a presentation, for further display of foreign colleagues, or to transfer specific tables, charts, reports, instructions, methodological support, then the translation of technical texts what you need. Contact us, and we in turn guarantee the accurate translation of your documents by the professionals, which are classified on a wide profile of work and details go into the documents and studying its specificity. You can carry out:

Russian-Arabic translation, will provide the necessary documents for the Arabic companies, and to conduct these special presentations.
Russian-Tajik translation or in reverse.
English-Russian translation and vice versa.
Our translators with minute accuracy carry out the Russian-Tajik translations in Voronezh, as well as other translations. We had become famous for his translations, which are not difficult to read them in translation from the original, which is very important. Main problems in technical translation is to combine the knowledge of foreign languages with knowledge of certain branches of science and knowledge in technical sciences. But our experts can do even more. They comply with the following rules:

They got a high knowledge in several languages and can freely spean in it. And also have a high knowledge of grammar.
Have a high knowledge of the native language and perfectly know his grammar for the most competent and accurate translations.
Know how to use work sources know how to find everything there you need and prioritize.
Have high knowledge of special terminology required for translation of languages. In cases of ignorance prior to the start of translation is carried out to familiarize with them, or use special reference books.
Own more than one translation
Have education in two directions: linguistic and technical (or are currently)
Now you are fully convinced of the professionalism of our specialists and can be completely confident that your text was in good hands. The translation process will not take much time, but this does not mean that it will be quality and not literate. On the contrary, in the end you will get your text translated with 100% accuracy. Don’t waste time, book the best translations we have.

Translation from Tajik into Russian, from Uzbek into Russian, from Russian into English, from Arabic into Russian, Persian into Russian, from Tajik into English or vice versa.
Toefl.Su is the translation site for the Tajik, Persian, Arabic, Uzbek and English languages. Our team produces high-quality translation in Tajik, Russian, Farsi, Dari, Uzbek and English languages. The most important thing for us is to satisfy the needs of the client, so we are very keen to implement the translation at a high level.