You’ve always wanted to improve the knowledge of foreign languages? You need to learn one of the languages for work, or you want to visit one of the countries, but you need to have at least minimal knowledge of the language? Or just want to learn a new language for the overall development of your, or your children, maybe you need it for school!? Contact our company in any of the cases our tutors will help to achieve this goal. On the way to achieving the goal you always stopped the cost of this service!? Don’t worry, now you found the most reasonable prices on the services of this kind. This low cost does not correspond to the quality of training and professionalism of our tutors, but we work on result and we want to make education and literacy of everybody else. We have provided the following services:

English, Arabic, Persian, Tajik in Voronezh – in other words, group classes, where in addition you can attend more students. The advantages of the courses is group communication, new acquaintances. Cons – possible constraint, and the absence of individual work with each pupil.
Tutor English, Arabic, Persian and Tajik languages in Voronezh when the tutor comes to you or you to him. Advantages: individual approach to each, more attention is paid to the specific problems of the student, not the entire group. Disadvantage is you need to look for the right time for both student and tutor and to make the schedule of study for earlier, that there was no scheduled classes.
Arabic, English, Tajik, Persian by Skype are individual classes held online. Plus – a convenient setting, private lessons are great for very busy or shy people. Among the downsides are the same downsides as in a personal meeting with a tutor.
Our tutors easily and quickly adapt to each client. Provide training in accessible format without the use of special slang, which can cause a lot of questions. Plus we are ready to adapt to your daily routine, and even provide the service of online training, which, by the way, can provide not every. We are always interested in what our customers were happy with our training and sustaining your reputation. And all this for purely symbolic price, so don’t be afraid to learn something new, and we in turn with pleasure will help you with this.

Язык Стандартный документ. Устный последовательный перевод (1 час)
Английский 50 р 450 р
Немецкий 50 р 450 р
Испанский 60 р 400 р
Каталанский 120 р Договорная