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There is a wonderful saying “A good education is wealth that cannot be taken away”. It can still be described as a path to a secure life, a successful career, respect in the society. The majority of young people – school leavers and University students understand it. Our website go-toefl.ru was created specifically to assist in document translations, humanitarian-technical translations. It will help to learn Persian, Tajik, English and Arabic languages at home, perform technical translation of articles from foreign scientific and popular periodicals or textbooks, to pass the test for self-evaluation of his/her preparedness for the upcoming exams and more. Visit our website and improve your education with us. You can also watch the video lessons and find your tutor and learn by Skype.

What is it about?

Toefl.su has been developed with the goal of education, learning and teaching foreign languages and recommending to its visitors. The main objective of this web resource is expanding its capacity to provide online advices. Here you can download English books, dictionaries and audio books, perform translations of foreign texts and documents.

Our online resource allows you to explore not only English but also Arabic, Tajik, and Persian as well.

On our website you can get online English lessons. They will allow you during a few days to upgrade your language level in your linguistic practice. Also, there are video classes that will help you to practice pronunciation.

In addition, here you can find all the popular textbooks of English. Toefl.su has an extensive library. You can find any English-Russian dictionary, technical, colloquial, Arabic, and other books, both popular and rare literature.

Specific words deserve a special category  of our website – the translation of the text. Our specialists can translate documents from Tajik, Uzbek, Persian into Russian, and certify them notarial.

And another not less interesting category  of our web resource is “Your tutor“. It will allow you to take private lessons from experienced tutors by Skype, or directly at home. We all know how high can be the cost of the services of private tutors coming to the house. Tutors will help you online to save money.

The contacts of our professionals you will find in the corresponding category , as well as all the necessary information provided by our partners. Learn more about us and our activities you can read on the corresponding page of our website. There are interesting topics in here, too. We invite you to improve your English, both adults and children.

Online lessons and everything about them

Both students and adults, people who want to improve their education will be interested in our free online lessons in several foreign languages. The advantages are obvious:

  • Flexible and convenient schedule of classes;
  • Save time, effort and money;
  • Use of various educational material;
  • The complete absence of psychological discomfort.

Learn English by Skype easily, especially if you perform it with the help of our website. We have developed several training programs. All of them can be divided in two big groups:

  • English for adults;
  • English for children.

Before the training you can test your level of knowledge and to choose the educational program that in a few days will increase your language level. Furthermore, there are recommended adult video English lessons for every day. They will allow you to improve your spoken English, you will be able to communicate on equal terms with the inhabitants of any English-speaking countries. It is useful not only for frequent business trips abroad, but also while resting on an overseas resort.

Very interesting and useful language learning program designed for beginners. It allows you to learn English and Arabic step by step. Pupils and students are encouraged to study the vocabulary and grammar of Arabic and English languages. And all the things that will make you perfectly prepare for the exams.

And summing up the aforesaid it is possible to assert with confidence that our resource will be useful for anyone interested in English in Voronezh. It will allow to study the foreign languages quickly, easily and efficiently.

Our online library

Representatives of the older generation still remember how hard it was 20-30 years ago to find the right textbook at the library. Our website offers a huge selection of textbooks, allowing, for example, take English language courses online. Here you will find top:

  • Audio books;
  • Arabic books;
  • Dictionaries, etc.

In this category are tips on how to use online literature and its search engine. To find the right dictionary is not difficult. To do this, we have provided easy navigation. Likewise, you can find rarer academic books and popular science periodicals from around the world.

The translation of the text on our website

The translation is something with which we are confronted almost daily with increasing level of education. It is very much needed literature on foreign sources. Also on our source you can find:

  • Translator of English language, who for a few seconds translate into Russian, even it is the most complex, full-bodied special terms, text;
  • Translator of Arabic language – he/she will help you to proofread in the original ancient Arabic which contain all the wisdom of the ancient Eastern people.
  • Translator of Persian language – this unique resource has no equal in translation from Persian into English;
  • Translator of Tajik language, he/she will be necessary for translation of specialized literature, documents and adapting it for reading.

One of the most popular services of our website can be attributed as Russian-English literary translation. It is great and will help you in self-education. You can order a translation of documents in Voronezh, which is necessary to make a number of legal and notarial actions. For these purposes we have professional Tajik-Russian translators, they are living in our region, people of Asian countries of the former Soviet Union.

The translation of the text in Voronezh is a popular service, which you can order on our website. And also order a Russian-English translation. We have professional translators. If need a competent translation of any documents, please contact us. Working with us is quickly, convenient and economical.

Online tutor?

Usually English tutor in Voronezh, who will come to your home, costs a lot of money. Therefore, not everyone has the opportunity to use tutor services. So, we also provide online tutor. He/she can be obtained directly on our website, where the consultation works:

  • English Tutor;
  • Arabic Tutor;
  • Persian Tutor;
  • Tajik Tutor.

Prices for their services are quite affordable. If you are interested in Arabic learning in Voronezh, then you can make an appointment on our website. You can visit it at any time and learn languages with our online tutors. They will make an individual training program and will provide a necessary advice. Also we have Tajik tutors and other online teachers.

If you still cannot pass language exams, then welcome to our resource. We have the most affordable prices for all video tutorials and online advices. Program are so professionally designed that in a few months you can learn any foreign language from zero to conversational level. Visit our website, get acquainted with all the categories and find what you need. We welcome all new visitors who are interested in our services.