If you ask «what makes people happy?» to your friends and family members, you will find so many different answers to this question. This is because happiness is defined differently by different people. Among them, the two most common answers are wealth and popularity. However, there are also many rich and famous people who are so unhappy with life. The external influences like fame and money can give us happiness but that does not last for a long time. After a while, our life gets used to them and the sense of unhappiness takes control of our lives all over again.

There are some simple things in our lives which we often ignore are actually great source of happiness. The importance of healthy relationships lies with the fact that they give us a lot of positive emotions. When we are helping other people, then our focus is not upon us but on others. This helps to broaden our horizons and we start appreciating the positive sides of our lives. People who follow some spiritual beliefs are found to be far happier than who do not. This is because spirituality has a healing touch on our lives. It prepares us to deal with some of the most difficult challenges. It teaches us to introspect within ourselves which in turn help us to obtain a better picture of our lives and teaches us how to be happy alone.

There is no denying the fact that happiness is an integral part of our well-being. However, there is no short route that can help us to achieve it. We have to make sincere efforts with a positive frame of mind, overcome the setbacks that come our way and then we can learn the secret of happiness that stays with us forever.