Grammar Zappers! Mark Fletcher. English Experience

Grammar Zappers! Mark Fletcher. English Experience

Учебник «Grammar Zappers!» содержит все всю необходимую информацию для подготовки занятий, ограниченных во времени или требующих моментальных результатов от обучения. Материал позволит вам подготовить эффективные упражнения, позволяющая мотивировать учеников к систематическому и самостоятельному изучению английского языка.

Учебник «Grammar Zappers!» будет крайне полезен для всех практикующих преподавателей и людей, которые самостоятельно изучают английский язык. Вы найдете множество упражнений и групповых занятий формирующих необходимые навыки для более эффективного усвоения нового материала. «Grammar Zappers!» рассчитан на учеников, владеющих английским языком на уровне Intermaediate (Средний).

Год: 1993
Издательство: English Experience
Автор: Mark Fletcher
Формат: pdf

Размер: 1 Мб.

Grammar Zappers! Mark Fletcher. English Experience

Grammar Zappers is designed for teachers with limited preparation time who want to provide lively, motivating language skills lessons to introduce, test or revise the use of Prepositions; use of The Past Tense; use of The Present Perfect / Past Tenses; and use of The Present Simple / Continuous Tenses. Intermediate level.

This is one of an exciting new range of Brain friendly Publications materials giving students the benefit of recent research into how the brain “learns”. Using Grammar Zappers
First, of course, familiarise yourself with the contents of each lesson. They follow the same format and contain the following photocopy masters:

Учебник содержит все всю необходимую информацию для подготовки занятий

— a story text full of examples of the target grammar
— 2 Memory Map pages to help recall the language
— a page of pictures to cut up
— a page of exercises
Note — a Cassette with active concert readings of all 4 lessons is available (ISBN 1898295 13 1).
The guidelines below use each lesson over 3 x 45 minute sessions. That would give excellent exploitation of the material and variety of activity. Timing can be shortened by selecting stages (or by giving some stages as homework). Equally, the lessons can be extended into projects with extra creative writing / role play activities.
Approximate timing of the stages is shown. T = Teacher / Ss = Students.

Требует моментальные результаты от обучения

1. T reads text dramatically, using humour, mime, props etc.
Ss listen and get the general theme. (5 minutes)
2. T distributes photocopied text and reads through again. Ss follow text, underlining any especially interesting language or anything not understood.
Methodology Enrichment
This stage is very effective as a Suggestopedic Active Concert.
T. reads to classical music, matching the reading to the music, and allowing pauses to emphasise the key language. (This is how the text is presented on the cassette)
3. Comprehension. Ss work in pairs/small groups — going through text, checking what has been underlined and helping one another.

Материал позволит вам подготовить эффективные упражнения и самостоятельному изучению английского языка

T available as required. (5 minutes)
4. Picture game. T cuts up and distributes one set of 12 pictures to each group of 3 or 4 students. Ss work on a table or floor, to put the pictures into their correct order. (5 minutes)
5. Each S takes 3 or 4 pictures, finds a line in the text which matches it, and writes that line on the back of the picture. (The pictures have been drawn to illustrate lines containing the target language). Correct order and lines are given in the Cut Out Pictures section overleaf. (5 minutes)
6. In the same small groups, Ss take turns to read out the lines they have written on their pictures. Everyone underlines the 12 lines in the text as they hear them. (10 minutes)
7. A ‘milling’ exercise. In their small group, or around the whole class, Ss exchange picture cards and, as they do so, read out the line on the back. The idea is to get so familiar with the 12 lines that the cards can be handed around with
minimum need for checking. (5 minutes)