Cambridge. English Grammar in Use on CD-ROM [2rd edition] (1CD&Books)

Грамматика английского языка для пользователей уровня Intermediate to Upper-intermediate.
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English Grammar in Use Third edition
Raymond Murphy
Intermediate to Upper-intermediate

English Grammar in Use Third edition is a fully updated version of the classic grammar title. It retains all the key features of clarity and accessibility that have made the book so popular with students and teachers.

This new edition is designed to be flexible. The book is available both with and without answers, so it can be used in class or for homework. The ‘with answers’ version of the book comes with a handy pullout reference panel which allows students to review key grammar points. It is also available packaged with a CD-ROM.
This CD-ROM provides hundreds of interactive exercises designed to help you practise the grammar presented in English Grammar In Use Third Edition.

Переход: Cambridge. English Grammar in Use — книга и диск 3го издания

In addition, the CD lets you:
• Listen to sound recordings of all the exercises
• Record and listen to your own pronunciation
• Track your progress during each session
• Create your own exercises and practice tests
• Find the definition of a word you don’t know by clicking on it

Комплект учебников:
1.Cambridge.English Grammar in Use-Reference and Practice for Intermediate Students of English (R.Murphy&R.Altman).pdf
2.Cambridge.Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises (H.Naylor&R.Murphy).pdf
3.Longman.Basic English Grammar (2nd Ed) (Betty Azar).pdf
4.Longman.English Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students (L.Alexander).pdf

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