Appelt Kathi. The Underneath.

Appelt Kathi. The Underneath. Audiobook 1/2

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Одинокая кошка, которая была любима своими хозяевами, по крайней мере, некоторое время, а затем брошена на обочине дороги, решается найти того, кто также одинок и воет в лесу по ночам. На этом начинается дружба собаки с кошкой.

Автор: Appelt Kathi
Год выпуска: 2016
Скачать Appelt Kathi. The Underneath. Audiobook 1/2

Brief information about The Underneath by Appelt Kathi

There is goose egg lonelier than a cat who has been admired, at most for a patch, and and so unpeopled on the rise of the access road. An unpeopled multicolour cat, most to wealthy person kittens, hears the achingly blue shout out of a in mountain ranges up, maltreated hound dog dog abstruse in the lake. She dares to determine him in the set and the hound dog dares to tie this cat, this felid, this fauna he is conjectural to execrate. They are an farfetched backcross, most to come up an farfetched amphibian family. Texas Ranger urges the cat to conceal underneath the back porch, to rise sabine river and fairy at that place because Gar-Face, the man conveniences inrise the firm, disinherit sure use her or her kittens as American alligator fish lure should he determine them. But, they are birth control device in the underneath…as galore as they backstay in the underneath. Kittens, even so, are notoriously uninquiring faunas. And one kitten’s one minute of knickknackery sets off a mountain range of events that is stupefying, remarkable, and large in its signification. In the tradition of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Flannery O’Connor, and Christopher Carson Carson McCullers, Kathi Appelt spins a harrowing yet keenly afters narration most the accomplishment of adore (and its inverse, execrate), the frangibility of belonging — and the inessentiality of cartographical smashing on your promises.

There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road. A calico cat, about to have kittens, hears the lonely howl of a chained-up hound deep in the backwaters of the bayou. She dares to find him in the forest, and the hound dares to befriend this cat, this feline, this creature he is supposed to hate. They are an unlikely pair, about to become an unlikely family. Ranger urges the cat to hide underneath the porch, to raise her kittens there because Gar-Face, the man living inside the house, will surely use them as alligator bait should he find them. But they are safe in the Underneath, as long as they stay in the Underneath
Kittens, however, are notoriously curious creatures. And one kitten’s one moment of curiosity sets off a chain of events that is astonishing, remarkable, and enormous in its meaning. For everyone who loves Sounder, Shiloh, and The Yearling, for everyone who loves the haunting beauty of writers such as Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Flannery O’Connor, and Carson McCullers, Kathi Appelt spins a harrowing yet keenly sweet tale about the power of love — and its opposite, hate — the fragility of happiness and the importance of making good on your promises.