Современный английский язык. 30 диалогов на актуальные темы

Современный английский язык. 30 диалогов на актуальные темы

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Современный английский язык. 30 диалогов на актуальные темы — включают в себя активную лексику современного английского языка. Издание предназначено отпускникам (можно использовать как разговорник), бизнесменам (можно расширить деловой английский), любителям спорта (даётся общая терминология), шопоголикам (приводятся названия магазинов, товаров), а также всем, кто владеет базовым английским и хочет расширить словарный запас. Русско-английский словарь включает более 3500 слов и выражений.

Modern English language. 30 dialogues on current topics-include an active vocabulary of modern English. The publication is intended for vacationers (can be used as a PhraseBook), businessmen (you can expand business English), sports fans (given the General terminology), shopaholics (given the names of shops, goods), as well as anyone who speaks basic English and wants to expand the vocabulary. Russian-English dictionary includes more than 3,500 words and expressions.

Год: 2010
Издательство: АСТ
Автор: Крупнов В. Н.
Формат: pdf

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As we know, go cruising (=to go on cruise / take a cruise) means that you participate in a voyage. Quite often it is a pleasing voyage. A cruise is (as a rule) an escorted tour. You pay extra money for all kinds of conveniences. There are many other people who travel with you and the personnel providing conveniences. They know the details of voyage of a group travel. Take guides, for example. They meet people from all over the world, and, in a way, act as cultural ambassadors to their customers.

Naturally, the business of escorted tours is not all travel and glamour. At least not always! For a guide, for example, when the ship is calling at port, it means hard work, leading a group of travellers from site to site, caring for their every need and answering all kinds of questions, sometimes even silly questions, and, at last, dealing with all kinds of emergencies and transportation. It is a hard job.